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For more than 125 years, Kiewit has always delivered. We've evolved into one of the largest and most respected construction and mining organizations in North America. At Kiewit, we build quality projects safely, on time and on budget; no matter how large or small.



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  • Just as Peter could have accomplished all this, so could the terrorists.
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    The Basque militant he had recognized in Paris, Elizondo Ibarguengoitia, had led him first to San Sebastian and then here to Toledo, but there was no sign of the kidnapped woman.
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  • Which, of course, the Americans themselves have been urging us to do.
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    As a rule, the Basques confine their 'events to Spain, but I'm sure you know there are many Basque people who live in three small regions of Basse-Pyrenees on the Spanish border with France.
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  • Yes, our member nations have some two million soldiers, fully operational air forces, and excellent navies, all well equipped to fighthellip; but what good are they?
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