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  • There was the usual stolid silence as the other guests gathered.

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  • SKitty's pregnant again I'm sorry, sir, I just found out today and I didn't have time to report it but sir, this is going to be to our advantage!
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  • Your wife and daughter will be here at any moment -- I can see them crossing the field now.
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  • Jim tried to listen while Admiral Noguchi introduced them, but he had to put most of his attention into pretending he liked the idea of spending the next three months with a bunch of entertainers, traipsing around the Phalanx.
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  • I shall never eat another so long as I live.
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  • Pite spotkanie zostao wyznaczone gdzie w pnocnych Woszech albo poudniowej Francji...
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    Disincarnate souls joining with the incarnate through holes in the void, vacua, as the Danaan referred to them.
    And if they make it up here, Cerberus doesn't need the burdens of infants or pregnant women.
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    Look, do you want to come in for a nightcap?
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